The Teton Peaks program incorporates a Trauma Informed approach to care and treatment of residents. Trauma Informed principles emphasize a collaborative, appropriate interaction between residents and staff so as to minimize creating trauma or triggering past trauma. A feeling of compassion, nurturing, and cooperation, ensues when residents feel genuine warmth in their relationships with staff.

A trauma informed approach also stresses the importance of the peer group as a means of support and influence. These groups hold significant power in molding, shaping, and influencing the behavior of participating peers. The aim of a Trauma informed approach is for residents to develop self-worth, significance, dignity, positive self-esteem, and responsibility as they become committed to the positive values of helping and caring for others and themselves.

Staff members take an active role in unit management. Their role is to encourage and guide residents and, when necessary, confront and diffuse inappropriate behavior. They actively seek out teaching moments to help residents find healthier alternatives.

A typical weekday involves a blend of services such as:

We use a four-tiered treatment system, where patients are required to meet specific criteria in order to pass from one tier to the next. There are increased responsibilities and privileges with each higher tier.