We use a tiered treatment system that reflects the progress of each patient towards their therapeutic goals. Patients must meet certain criteria in order to pass from one tier to the next. As there are increased responsibilities and privileges with each higher tier.

Orientation Tier – Introduction to the program, staff, and expectations

All patients enter Teton Peaks on Orientation Tier. We introduce patients to the program, staff, and unit expectations. Upon entering the facility, each new patient will meet individually with staff to learn about all aspects of the program and to discuss rules, expectations, privileges and restrictions.

Pre-treatment – Live the code of conduct, participate in programming, and identify personal issues to be resolved

The purpose of this tier is to establish a firm foundation to pursue self-efficacy. This includes identifying and eliminating treatment interfering behaviors. Patients should participate in school and other on-campus programs.

Treatment – Demonstrate a positive attitude, implement problem-solving techniques, and earn extra privileges

Patients spend the majority of their treatment working in this tier. This tier has the same access to therapy and recreational activities, but includes more opportunities for freedom and personal growth. We recognize that motivations for change are different for each individual; privileges are personalized, but often include going outside the unit for activities or off-campus outings. If a patient chooses not to maintain commitments to improve and resolve issues, they may be returned to the Pre-treatment tier. As our patients become more involved in their individual treatment program, we hope they have an improved outlook on life by the time they are ready to apply for discharge prep.

Discharge Prep - Earn trust by using increased independence to work toward treatment goals

This tier gives the resident the opportunity to show that they can make positive choices, act independently, and put to use what they've learned while in treatment. They are demonstrating the skills necessary for success after discharge. The general goal of this tier is for patients to learn and practice independent living skills while still participating in therapy and skill-building classes. Much more freedom and responsibility are given to patients on this tier.