Maya Helena Brown


I’ve never felt so accepted before and treated like family.

Teton Peaks,

Well, hello. It’s been awhile since I’ve made contact. As I lay hear listening to Walk Off The Earth, a band I discovered while I had my stay, I can’t stop thinking about you guys. I miss all the staff and residents more than anything. I constantly have dreams about returning, and even though in my dream it seems scary, I feel a strange comfort thinking about being there. I’ve never felt so accepted before and treated like family. Whether my roomies are there or not, I hope everyone is well.

I never took the time to tell everyone how much I appreciate everything the Behavioral Health Center (BHC) program taught me. I’ve never felt so much better in my life than I do when I think about you guys. I for sure thought I was a goner before I went in. My life is completely different. For once, I have a relationship that my BDP traits haven’t ruined, I’ve made such positive and great friends, and I have taken all the negative out of my life! I feel absolutely wonderful. The words “thank you” could not be enough to show how grateful I am.

My life is completely different.

I want to thank Mr. Daren, Mr. Brandon, and Mr. Jason the most. I trusted you guys so much. I told you everything. I learned so much from you. Ever since day one you’ve made me laugh and smile and have great memories. Mr. Brandon, you helped me with detachment and that honestly, changed my whole lie. I don’t think I would be as happy as I am if I didn’t learn that skill. You’re the best of the best. Mr. Daron, I wish I could have taken you home with me, you’re a fantastic therapist and person. I’ll never forget when you said I would be there for 18 months and I had a heart attack. Mr. Jason, you always were there to help me when I had tough phone calls with family or trouble with my peers and you hoped me calm down and some of the things you have told me have flipped my world. I just hope you three know that I look up to you and everyone how gets the honor to get to know you are lucky people. You are the definition of life changers.

Of course all the staff members are fantastic and I have amazing memories with every single person. I trusted you all with my life. Everyone I met are incredible individuals and beautiful souls with extreme potential. I miss everyone so much sometimes I cry!

Teton Peaks, and BHC in general, you are all so amazing. I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. I can’t even explain how much better my life is and my change of thought. The way I look at the world is 110% different now. Everything is wonderful, life is wonderful and I have no one to thank but you.

Thank you so so so so much! Stay incredible, Teton.

With tremendous love,
Maya Helena Brown