For patients, meeting with our Board-Certified psychiatrist is an important part of the program. The staff psychiatrist completes a psychiatric evaluation on each new person entering the program, and remains an integral part of the treatment team throughout the patient's stay.

The psychiatrist and treatment team develop a personalized treatment plan to foster patient growth and resolution of mental, emotional and/or behavioral issues. If medications are required, the psychiatrist provides information and education to the patient and their family.

The psychiatrist meets with the patient at least weekly to assess their response to treatment and medications, and general physical health. If necessary, the psychiatrist will coordinate with other medical providers to ensure all health issues are addressed appropriately.

There is also an on-site adolescent acute-care unit available for residents that find themselves in crisis while in our care. This unit provides increased psychiatric care, therapy services, and supervision for patients who are temporarily unable to safely participate in the residential program.