The Teton Peaks Academy operates in partnership with Bonneville School District # 93 and falls under the administrative direction of Bonneville Online. Being an accredited school within the State of Idaho, allows students to continue earning credits toward graduation while they are addressing individual treatment issues.

School operates year round with a credentialed teacher who helps students earn credits in an online setting in both core classes and electives depending on what is needed. The online classroom is tailored to meet all learning styles and is modified as much as possible to accommodate for Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Our student-to-teacher ratio is low, especially in comparison to traditional public or charter schools. Many of our students thrive in this environment with more personalized attention and instruction.

Daily Expectations

  • If students are excused to leave to use the restroom or retrieve items left on the unit, they will not earn their “readiness for group” point. These needs should be taken care of prior to school.
  • Students are encouraged to show respect for their surroundings by keeping their area clean and uncluttered, feet on the floor, hands to themselves, and taking care of classroom property.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the classroom without the teacher being present. If a teacher is not in the classroom, the students must wait outside.


  • School is considered a part of the program and has the same expectations as any other group.
  • If a student is tardy for class, he or she is required to bring a note to class signed by staff stating the reason for the tardy in order to be excused.