About Teton Peaks Residential Treatment Center

Every parent knows that raising teenagers can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. A torrent of emotions can accompany the onset of adolescence. But there's a threshold between normal teen angst and symptoms of deeper problems.

If a specific incident or pattern of behaviors has raised concern for the safety of your teen or that of your family, or has made it difficult to maintain a status of equilibrium in your family, it may be time to ask for help.

Teton Peaks Residential Treatment Center can help heal the pain your child is experiencing. We provide high-quality mental health and psychiatric services to adolescents who require intensive therapeutic intervention.

Our caring staff of professionals believes that everyone, no matter their individual circumstances, has the capacity to learn and change. We focus on identifying challenges and providing individualized treatment to prepare your child to function in the community.

After leaving the program fortified with confidence and initiative, your child is more prepared to accept the personal and social responsibilities that await them. They will be surprised at all the changes they can make in this environment. Our program teaches rewards and consequences, literally putting your child in the driver’s seat of their own success story.

Admission to the Teton Peaks Residential Treatment Center: (208) 227-2159